"How Social Enterprises contribute to Sustainable Food Systems in Europe?"



Tuesday 30th of May - 2 pm / 5 pm


Venue of the event: COPA-COGECA ROOM A

61 Rue de Trèves – Brussels



Food is essential to live. It is our energy to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think and learn. There is an insane separation between what we eat and where it comes from.


Accordingly to FAO, “a sustainable food system (SFS) is a food system that delivers food security and nutrition for all in such a way that the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations are not compromised”.


In agreement with the input emerged during the European Commission High Level Conference Food 2030, our future food system should be more “sustainable, resilient, responsible, diverse and inclusive”.


Sustainability requires participation and responsibility from all of us. We need to keep in touch with our land and our food, we need to think more local. The community can be the key for changing. The social economy, especially social enterprises can be the means to do this.


FOODAs a social economy expert, DIESIS has conducted a research about the role of Social Enterprises as tool in the food system to creating, developing and diffusing ideas and solutions towards the sustainability. Through existing experiences we want to highlight the role of social economy like an innovative way of interacting in the production and consumption of food and an active and participatory commitment to their communities.




DIESIS is organising this event that will be focused on main topics:


1. What does it mean for a Social Enterprise taking account of Food?


2. Presentation of the research results and some case studios.





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Download the final AGENDA 


Download the infographics representing the 4 practices in the agenda:


Permafungi – Prix de l'économie sociale 2016 - Bruxelles, Belgium


Maramao – Cooperativa Agricola Sociale CGM- Alessandria, Italy


Graefewirtschaft – Berlin, Germany


Orti senza Frontiere – Consorzio comunità Brianza, Italy