In the framework of the Erasmus+ SELC project, Diesis Network is organizing a webinar “Social entrepreneurship in local communities. New engines for local social entrepreneurship: between the New Social Economy Action Plan and digital tools” on the 2th of March, 2022, from 14h30 to 16h00.


The SELC project wishes to increase motivation and improve the guidance for adults with entrepreneurial initiatives, to start a social business and enhance social cohesion in local communities.

The event wishes to showcase the important role that social entrepreneurs and the social economy have for local development and the benefits for local communities. We will do this thanks to two best practices coming from the local level. Then, we will have a look at the new Social Economy Action Plan, released in December, and the role of the local social economy in it. Finally, we will discuss the importance of digitalization and digital tools for the development of social economy enterprises and entrepreneurship at the local level.