Wind of Renewal was founded as a social cooperative in Athens in 2014. Born out of a desire to help in social and green transition of Greece, promote social and green innovation and economy, welcome refugees – providing safe accommodation and social inclusion. They developed an innovative centre for vulnerable refugees for one year and a half (

Wind of Renewal is currently:

  • providing free language classes for refugees and local Greeks in their Welcommon Hostel
  • offering a full schedule of inclusive cultural activities
  • raising integration through music, art, comedy and film events
  • supporting young Greeks to gain professional qualifications in energy reduction and transition

Main goals:

  • Information, good practises exchange and initiatives for the promotion of green – circular economy
  • Strategies, policies and practices for a greener economy
  • Exchange of knowledge, cooperation, self-organisation and networking among the social cooperatives (regardless their legal status) in a local, regional, national and European level and cooperation based on values, principles and common positions, a Code of Conduct for Social Enterprises
  • Development of social cooperative structures, skills and capacities using the European experience, expertise, innovation and research
  • Enhance the dialog among basic social partners, research centers, local communities for the development of the social, solidary and cooperative economy,
  • Promote proper education schemes in order to enhance social cooperatives.


Welcommon Hostel is an innovative and inclusive hostel in Athens, run by Wind of Renewal. It is open to all travelers, tourists with interest, refugees, volunteers, migrants, nomads, and short term housing of locals. It focuses on sustainable tourism, and groups with social, cultural, and green interests. They connect the visitors with the creative side of the city, local social economy and solidarity groups, artists, networks and make the guided tour (with the guidance of homeless persons or/and refugees) in the city interesting and with social impact.

Anemos Ananeosis
Kapodistriou 4, 10682, Athens, Greece
Tel: 00 302 10 38 10 646