Fondazione Triulza means to be the appropriate place to represent the requests and proposals of Civil Society and Third Sector organizations. They want to encourage the encounter between different cultures, the welcoming and the inclusion of all social subjects – especially the most disadvantaged – and the active participation of citizens – especially the youngest – and to increase knowledge on the key themes of Expo.  

The activities of Fondazione Triulza are focused on meeting, study and research initiatives to support dialogue and cooperation between people; information and training activities to promote sustainable economy, ethical finance and responsible consumption among citizens; support non-profit organizations that express citizens’ free initiative and operate for the common good.


During Expo Milano 2015, Fondazione Triulza was in charge of organizing “Cascina Triulza – Civil Society Pavilion” and all the activities of the “EXPlOding Energies to change the world” project.


Fondazione Triulza

Via Bernardino Luini 5 – 20123 Milano