Symplexis (Greece) is a non-for-profit organisation, aiming at elevating social cohesion, serving the modern needs of populations at risk of social exclusion and promoting human rights. All activities designed and implemented by the organisation are user-centered, having a set of values as cornerstone, like impact sustainability, respect to uniqueness and tailor-made approach, userdriven design and implementation, results-based orientation and superior community ideals.

Fields of specialisation include:

  • Facilitation of (re)entering the labour market: to design and implement integrated and sustainable programmes so that specific populations either in the edge or outside the labour market can (re)gain access to it.
  • Tackling gender-based discrimination: to contribute towards a society without any discrimination element due to gender or sexual identity.
  • Promoting education and lifelong learning: to put emphasis both in supporting the formal education system and widening its access to all and also to designing and delivering customized lifelong learning, education and capacity building opportunities especially for populations with an underprivileged educational background.
  • Fostering the inclusion of third country nationals: to utilize the human capital of third country nationals for empowering their recipient communities. The organisation’s main focus in twofold: on the one hand to support third country nationals (migrants, refugees, asylum seekers) blend in their host communities, while on the other hand to help recipient communities and native populations to accept third country nationals and to avoid discriminatory behaviours.

Katechaki 7, 115 25, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 21 6070 7042