The Ukrainian Social Academy (USA) is the social business vector. They educate and inspire people to bring ideas of social change to the sustainably growing business with the help of training programs and mentors that share their business experience.


  • To develop innovations in the social sphere. The Ukrainian Social Academy develops a modern European education in social entrepreneurship that combines best practices of the world’s business education and the experience of Ukrainian and international social enterprises.
  • To professionalize the non-profit sector in Ukraine through social entrepreneurship. All the CSOs seeking organizational development receive professional support and consulting from the Academy in designing and implementing the social business model to ensure their social impact and financial sustainability.
  • To develop rural areas and territories through social entrepreneurship. They connect innovative stakeholders in structurally weak regions, build on regional strengths and use our social entrepreneurship experience and know-how to co-create and develop new opportunities and prospects.
  • To create favorable ecosystems for social enterprises in Ukraine. They develop new social enterprises by providing advisory services, programs, training, and resources. They also enable existing social enterprises to grow and become sustainable by providing financing options, capacity building, and mentorship.

But also…

  • Graduates of the Academy implemented dozens of initiatives on solving environmental, educational, cultural, and social problems in different parts of Ukraine.
  • In times of war, the Ukrainian Social Academy established an emergency fund to support those social enterprises that work to assist the IDPs and other social issues caused by the war. They also support social entrepreneurs to restart their businesses and update their business models to the new realities to allow their businesses to be self-sustainable again and make a social impact.

Ukrainian Social Academy

Kyiv 04119

Ukrainian Social Academy, а/b B-57

Telephone: +38 068 931 01 21 – +38 096 245 56 34