Mladi ambasadori


Mladi ambasadori (Young Ambassadors) is a civil society organization established with an aim to strengthen the capacity of young people through including them in the development of local community. The initiative “Mladi ambasadori” is a unique project of youth participation and involvement in different areas (economic, educational, digital and creative) and represent a role model of youth activation with the perspective to share awareness and knowledge among multiple generations.


  1. Youth participation – providing opportunity for young people to active participate in the local community trough different activities and initiatives.
  2. Social economy – providing incentive environment for social enterprisers and workers through advocacy, networking, education and promotion of business with social impact.
  3. Innovations with impact – providing conditions for implementation of innovations (i.e. digital solutions, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence) which will provide positive impact for society and contribute to achievement of UN Sustainable development goals.



For 8 years, Young Ambassadors implemented 49 projects and more than 300 educational workshops connected with personal and professional development of people from different social groups in community. Main activities are focused on culture and creative industries, entrepreneurship, social economy, market placement and sustainable development of local community through education, peer to peer communication, exchange of knowledge, digital transformation, and advance technologies.

As an annual event from 2015, Young Ambassadors organizing KreNI – Conference on Creative industries as first and most influential festival of creativity in southeastern Serbia, which brings together innovative creative professionals and experts from around the world with the idea of creating space for creative young people to develop the kind of society they want to live in. In the last six years, during the conference, 30 ideas were developed by young people, which contribute to the improvement of the city of Nis with the use of tools of creative industries and digital technologies.

Young Ambassadors
City of Nis, Republic of Serbia
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