Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship (2020-2022)

CASYE (Cultural and Social Youth Entrepreneurship) project aims at supporting youth entrepreneurship in the creative sector through the development and piloting of a social economy model, with an emphasis on empowering young people with fewer opportunities (social obstacles, geographical obstacles and/or economic obstacles).  

The project will also develop innovative Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited tools to support marginalised young people in becoming entrepreneurs in the social and cultural sectors through the capacity building and certification of youth workers and other professionals by giving them new approaches to support and strengthen their work, improve their skills, and increase the quality of their interventions.     


  • A mentoring, CPD accredited programme for youth organisations and youth workers working directly with young people with fewer opportunities and who wish to become entrepreneurs in the social or cultural sectors. 
  • The development of a sustainable ecosystem in supporting youth entrepreneurs in the creative European cultural and social sectors. 
  • Develop youth work methodologies and tools adapted to the current situations the young, especially adolescent population is living. 
  • Empower youth workers to upgrade their current work with young people, while also validating this new knowledge through the provision of CPD Certificates. 

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