PROMoting Youth Social Entrepreneurship (2017-2019)

The PROMYSE project aimed to promote social entrepreneurship in the health/social care sectors as an alternative pathway to youth self-sustainability, by developing the social entrepreneurship and business skills of unemployed youth, with relevant educational or professional background in the health/social care sectors, and by raising awareness on the benefits and added value of social enterprises to the community as a whole. 

Objectives were to: 

  • Draw and build on best practices and transfer expertise from successful social entrepreneurship models identified in partners’ countries; 
  • Develop an integrated online tool (self-enabling, networking platform) and a coherent EU methodology for youth capacity building that will outlive the project and stand out as a good and transferable practice; 
  • Highlight bottom-up approaches in addressing pressing (mostly crisis-born) needs on health and care service provision; 
  • Improve, assess and certify the skills (social, basic and business- oriented) of youth to bridge the gap between non-formal education and labour market demands; 
  • Promote social entrepreneurship as an alternative path for self-sustainability while at the same time addressing pressing social needs; 
  • Boost young beneficiaries’ self-confidence and provide them with practical experiences by actively involving them throughout the project implementation and activating them to act as social entrepreneurship envoys. 

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Promyse project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Grand Agreement:  2017-1-UK01-KA205-035438