Social Economy Actors for New European Bauhaus (2022-2024)

Social Economy Actors (SEAs) including social economy enterprises (SEEs) and public bodies interested to support social economy can play a crucial role within the New Bauhaus Initiative, since they seem to be appropriate for regenerating abandoned spaces, with an inclusive, green and local community development approach. SEEs have already proven to be resilient and capable to play a crucial role in recovering from economic crises, especially when they operate in an enabling ecosystem driven by supportive public authorities.

The project aims at promoting social economy models to contribute to the New EU Bauhaus and at how they can foster spatial and sectorial clusters, taking an ecological approach to cultural cooperation and territorial development with local authorities.

It focuses on good practices of “SEA NEBs”, which are territories regenerated according to NEB principles by or with a strong intervention of SEAs and local authorities.

These good practices (each represented by a local authority and a SE local actor) will work together coordinated by Diesis network with the following objectives:

  • Fostering and improving transnational collaboration between social economy stakeholders and local authorities in the empowerment of the communities through the regeneration of the territories based on NEB principles (beautiful, sustainable, together);
  • Boosting peer-learning, sharing and replicating good practices and success stories between local authorities and social economy stakeholders on regenerative development of communities and the role of social economy organisations in building resilience in territories;
  • Shaping local action plans that outline specifically on social economy enterprises as tools for inclusion and social participation, vehicles of innovation and strategic factors in the development of territories;
  • Formulating recommendations, based on the results of the mutual learning and exchange among the partners, to foster replication of SE NEB communities and to promote at EU level the role of SE within the NEB.

The partnership includes:

EU Umbrella organisation: Diesis Network

In each territory a Local Authority and a Social Economy support organization:

  • Croatia : municipality of Split and CEDRA Split
  • Latvia: Luznava Manor and Social Entrepenurship Association of Latvia
  • Italy: Municipality of Roccavaldina and Foundation Horcynus Orca.

Discover the SEA4NEB Info card.

1st Peer Review Documents: 

Policy recommendations of the SEA4NEB project

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