Social Entrepreneurship in Local Communities

SELC (2019-2021)

The SELC project wished to increase motivation and to improve the guidance for adults with entrepreneurial initiatives, to start a social business and enhance social cohesion in local communities.   

Social entrepreneurship is one of the most efficient ways to contribute to job creation and economic growth, to social cohesion and well-being of local communities. The SELC project did not want to generate results and impact only through research and training, but also to take the next step by creating a multilingual digital crowdfunding platform, which can become an innovative communication tool for best social impact business ideas and also best practice model of fundraising social entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

Objectives were to: 

  • Develop an integrated innovative social incubation business model for entrepreneurs in order to start a business with a strong social impact in local communities 
  • Provide guidance and training for 60 adults and 10 partners’ employees who improved their skills by learning all steps and tools of the social incubation business models matching the community realities 
  • Create an innovative, alternative funding instrument for social entrepreneurs and businesses and increasing visibility of the social entrepreneurship in more than the 4 partner countries as an innovative solution to community well-being and generating new jobs

Download the IO’s:

SELC project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (2019-1-RO01-KA204-063879 )