Take Part

A journey around Europe to exchange and create a new training model to foster employees’ participation and company welfare (2019-2022)

The Take Part project aims to support business development and employment growth through training designed for 24 employers, staff involved in the human resources management and responsible for corporate welfare and/or social corporate responsibility, and leveled on competence building, to ensure companies greater productivity together with the desire to enhance workers well-being.  


  • Carrying out an activity of compilation of norms and procedures under the European institutions and business actors on the two identified themes, examining how policies that encourage workers participation and welfare development can help companies to be competitive; 
  • Creating and test an educational program, aimed at training employers, staff working in the human resources management and supervisors for corporate welfare, enabling them to acquire skills and implement good practices in their own context; 
  • Training participants through a process that involves the combination of a theoretical and practical dimension and serve as multiplying factor of the outcomes obtained in the contexts of origin; 
  • Producing and publish guidelines that give normative references and contain an integrated collection of good practices aimed at encouraging greater participation of the employees and the improvement of company welfare. 

Take Part project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (2020-1-IT01-KA202-008393)