Promoting Workers’ Involvement in Social Economy Enterprises (2020-2022)

The WINS project (2020-2022) aimed to promote workers’ involvement in social economy enterprises (SEEs) in Europe. It also strengthened transnational co-operation between workers’ and employers’ representatives, as well as between social economy enterprises and trade unions in respect of employee involvement. 

Moreover, WINS encouraged employees to know their rights to information, consultation and participation (ICP) when they work for a (social) enterprise, and also the rights and obligations which allow them to have sufficient information when they become an employee or owner of a worker-owned company. 


  • Online knowledge platform 
  • Information materials – leaflets and brochures 
  • Transnational workshops 
  • Videos to raise awareness about the topic of ICP rights and the link between SEE and trade unions 
  • Local meetings in Italy, Spain, Slovenia and North Macedonia with workers and members of social eeconomy enterprises 
  • Final conference and final report 

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WINS project is co-funded by the European Union (Grant Agreement No. VS/2020/0078)