We were delighted to spend some time in Rome with our colleagues from Déclic en Perspectives and Consorzio Ruini Impresa Sociale.

In the framework of our common Erasmus project, we are studying the methodology and replicability of the Déclic Tour in Italy and other European countries.

The Déclic Tour is a training proposed by Déclic en PerspectivES in Belgium, that brings young people on a journey of one week around Belgium, at the discovery of social economy best practices. To study its replicability in Italy, we had encounters with trainers and experts and many study visits to Italian social economy enterprises! We visited: Gotto d’oro, Rosemary, Fattoria Sociale L’Orto Magico, Segni di Integrazione, Cooperativa Sociale Le mille e una notte, Raggio Di Luce – Società Cooperativa, Cooperativa Floravivaistica del Lazio, Ludus Cooperativa, Kairos Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus.

Stay tuned for the development of the European Declic Tour.