Last week we were in Latvia for the second Peer Review of the SEA4NEB project together with partners SEAL and Rezekne Municipality, CEDRA Split and City of Split, and Horcynus Orca and Comune di Roccavaldina. We shared knowledge and perspectives on local and international initiatives and territories regenerated according to the principles of the New European Bauhaus and implemented by social economy organisations. 

During the peer review, we analysed examples of good practices from rural areas, that promote sustainable and inclusive development aligning with the values of the New European Bauhaus – sustainability, aesthetics, togetherness: Luznava Manor (Latvia) and the Mihai Eminescu Trust (Romania) with the “Whole Village Concept” initiative, which brings together local communities in Transylvania. 

On the final day of the visit, we visited FREE RIGA to get to know Viskaļi – the Quality of Life Design Institute, as well as the Āgenskalna Market, where we learned about the strong interaction between residents and creators in preserving these central places that foster the sense of belonging within their local communities. 

Discover more about the SEA4NEB project and its upcoming activities here.