Founded in 1997, Diesis Network is now one of the widest networks specialised in supporting the development of the social economy, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. 

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The Diesis Manifesto was created collectively with our members in 2020. This bottom-up approach ensured that the network’s future direction is determined by its community and that it delivers support that is specifically tailored to the community’s needs. It resulted in setting strategic goals for our network. The Diesis Manifesto serves as “white paper” for the Diesis Network’s future activities and strategic direction.

At its core lies our Knowledge and Visibility Strategy, meticulously designed to amplify the reach and impact of our network. Through strategic initiatives and meaningful partnerships, we endeavour to expand our knowledge base, nurture fruitful collaborations, and elevate our visibility and lasting impact worldwide. 

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Gender Equality Plan of Diesis was adopted in February 2022 by the Executive Committee. The Plan reflects the diversity within our organization, and of the communities we serve in line with the requirements set out by the European Commission.

The plan will help us, over the next 3 years, to navigate and accelerate the gender equality journey that Diesis must take in order to improve its performance. It is intended to be a living document that will be updated regularly to accommodate new actions and developments. 


In 2023 Diesis kept boosting the global development of the social and solidarity economy, we continued to grow and expand in both geographical coverage and production of knowledge.

Discover more in our Annual Report 2023


Gianluca Pastorelli

President of the Board

Executive President of
Diesis Network

Sabina Bellione

Vice President of the Board

Manager International Area at Consorzio CGM, Italy

Amaya Delgado

Member of the Board

Director of

Massimo D’Andrea

Member of the Board

Board Director at Consorzio  Ruini Impresa Sociale, Italy

Michela Vogrig

Member of the Board

Member of Presidency of Legacoopsociali, Italy

Igor Milosevic

Member of the Board

Founder of ADP-Zid, Montenegro

Julia Koczanowicz

Member of the Board

President of the Managing  Board at FISE, Poland

Ranko Milic

Member of the Board

President of CEDRA Split,

Alessia Sebillo

Workers’ Representative

Executive Director of Diesis Network

Denis Stokkink

Advisor of the Board

President of European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité, Belgium

Sebastjan Pikl

Advisor of the Board

Financial Administration at Institute for Economy, Slovenia


Gianluca Pastorelli

Executive President

Alessia Sebillo

Executive Director

Dorotea Daniele

Head of EU Partnerships

Anastasia Costantini

Head of Knowledge, Research and Innovation

Marta Bruschi

Network and Community Engagement Manager

Ana Mula

Communications Manager

Ana Mota

Communications Officer

Fabiana Pompermaier

Project Manager

Francesco De Rosa

Head of Fundraising and Grants Development

Melinda Kelemen

Senior Expert

Samuel Barco

 Senior Expert

Graciella Ehouly

Project Manager

Giulia Georg

 Project Manager

Ameni Gassoumi

Finance Manager

Maksims Fedosejevs

Project and Communication Assistant

Lorenzo Genna

European Voluntary Service

Aurora Passerini

European Voluntary Service


Apostolos Ioakimidis

Social Economy Expert

Toby Johnson

Social Economy Expert

Monica Tobaldin

Linguistic Expert

Alessio Pisano

Video and Image Expert

Jérôme Hubert

Digital Communication Expert