We are eager to discover and showcase young people with brilliant social entrepreneurship ideas! We aim at collecting 30 social entrepreneurship ideas developed by young entrepreneurs under 30 (at the moment of the creation of the social enterprise).

What are our objectives?

  • To learn more about successful social entrepreneurship stories carried by young people: how were the ideas born? Which is their impact?
  • To collect a set of good practices that will be showcased in a research paper we are developing on profiling the new young social entrepreneur
  • To raise awareness about the potential that young people have to offer and how social entrepreneurship can be an opportunity for both young people and the communities in which they live

If you are a young social entrepreneur or you were under 30 when you created your social enterprise, you are welcome to share with us your story!

Fill in this questionnaire by May 1st: https://forms.gle/KHeEJ7P5QLaHv1G17


We will ask you some questions about:

  • your social enterprise
  • the link with the community and the beneficiaries
  • the impact of your social enterprise on your community
  • your skills and the tools you used to create and scale up your social enterprise
  • the difficulties in the creation and scaling up of the enterprise

What is there in for you?

  • Best practice: Your enterprise and your profile will be part of a collection of good practices showcased in a research carried by Diesis Network;
  • Visibility: Your enterprise will be promoted among our network and communication channels;
  • Networking: You will have the chance to learn more about other social enterprises developed by young people.