Last week we were in Messina, Italy, for the third Peer Review of the SEA4NEB project together with partners Horcynus Orca and Comune di Roccavaldina, SEAL and Rezekne Municipality, CEDRA Split and City of Split.

This third event, which concludes the SEA4NEB Peer Review Cycle, investigated the innovative approach combining the power of social economy clusters with the forward-thinking principles of the New European Bauhaus to drive innovation and progress in regeneration initiatives. Acting as centres of innovation, clusters support collaboration and partnership among a diverse group of stakeholders, including specialised SMEs, local and regional authorities, research institutions, universities, social economy organisations, SMEs, and civil society groups.

The two good practices presented were the Distretto Sociale Evoluto in Messina, the cluster of our Italian partners Horcynus Orca Foundation and Comune di Roccavaldina, and PLOUCS in Nouvelle Aquitaine, an interesting example of Pôles Territoriaux de Coopération Économique, a French clustering approach.

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