The International Labour Conference (ILC) has adopted and published the Resolution and conclusions on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). The International Coalition of the SSE welcomes this adoption which marks a further decisive step in the international recognition of the SSE.

This text proposes in particular :

– A universal definition of social and solidarity economy which includes cooperatives, associations, mutuals, foundations, social enterprises, self-help groups and other entities operating in accordance with the values and principles of the SSE (paragraph 5)

– The recognition of SSE in its role for sustainable development, social justice, decent work and improvement of living conditions (Part III)

– Consultation of SSE representative organisations (like our ICSSE and its members) in the activities of the ILO (paragraph 16) and its constituents (paragraphs 12, 13)

– The need to implement national policies that include SSE (paragraph 9)

– The development of statistics and data on SSE, including the proposal to establish an International Observatory on SSE (paragraph 16-c) . Find out more information on the ICSSE site.

Also, OECD has approved a Recommendation on SSE , the first internationally agreed policy framework to support the development of SSE!

The Recommendation promotes the social economy’s potential to pioneer new business models, provide essential services, contribute to a green and digital transition, engage youth, and build communities.

The OECD Recommendation on the Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation, provides a ground breaking, internationally agreed policy framework for countries to help the social economy thrive and achieve impact by:

1.      Fostering a social economy culture

2.      Creating supportive institutional frameworks

3.      Designing enabling legal and regulatory frameworks

4.      Supporting access to finance

5.      Enabling access to public and private markets

6.      Strengthening skills and business development support

7.      Encouraging impact measurement and monitoring

8.      Supporting the production of data

9.      Encouraging social innovation

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