The European Commission proposes recommendations to boost Social Economy and Launches EU Social Economy Gateway

In a significant move to promote social inclusion, drive sustainable economic development, and foster social innovation, the European Commission has adopted a proposal for a Council recommendation on developing social economy framework conditions. The proposal, adopted on June 13, 2023, aims to support Member States in integrating the social economy into their policies, creating a favorable environment, and implementing supportive measures for the sector.

The proposal emphasizes the importance of advancing access to the labor market, enhancing social inclusion, and contributing to territorial cohesion across the European Union. By recognizing the diverse array of entities and alternative business models within the social economy, the proposal provides recommendations in areas such as skills development, social innovation, access to funding, public procurement, state aid, taxation, social impact measurement, and visibility and recognition.

To facilitate a better understanding of the proposal and its potential impact, the European Commission has prepared a comprehensive factsheet, which can be downloaded from their official website here. This resource aims to provide individuals and stakeholders with in-depth insights into the recommended framework conditions for the social economy sector.

In a parallel effort to support the social economy, the European Commission has launched the EU Social Economy Gateway. This dedicated platform serves as a one-stop hub for information related to the social economy in Europe. It offers valuable resources, including information about the concept of social economy, details about the social economy action plan, relevant EU funding programs, and insights into the social economy ecosystems across EU Member States.

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