The Diesis Network held its highly anticipated General Meeting on July 2nd and 3rd in Brussels, marking a significant moment for the organization’s collaborative and strategic efforts. The event brought together members from various parts of the globe, united by a common goal: to strengthen the social economy and enhance the impact of their collective efforts.



Co-Creating a New Action Plan

One of the central themes of the meeting was the introduction and discussion of a new action plan that the network members are co-creating. This initiative aims to chart a course for the entire year of 2024, emphasizing a participatory approach that involves three in-person meetings and three online sessions. This plan underscores the network’s commitment to inclusive and collaborative strategies, ensuring that all members have a voice in shaping the future direction of Diesis Network.

The action plan focuses on various key areas, including innovation in social economy practices, enhancing member collaboration, and addressing global challenges through local actions. By engaging members in a year-long process, Diesis Network aims to harness the collective intelligence and diverse experiences of its members, fostering a robust and dynamic framework for the upcoming year.

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Assessing Growth and Impact

Another pivotal topic at the General Meeting was the assessment of the network’s growth and its substantial impact on the social economy sector. The Diesis Network has seen remarkable expansion, now aggregating 65 national support organizations from over 30 countries worldwide. This diverse coalition represents more than 100,000 social economy organizations, collectively supporting 1.3 million jobs.

This growth signifies not only the increasing relevance of the network but also the expanding influence of social economy principles across different regions. The assessment highlighted the positive outcomes and the far-reaching effects of the network’s activities, from policy advocacy to grassroots support and capacity building.

The meeting also provided a platform for members to share their experiences and success stories, reinforcing the network’s ethos of mutual learning and support. The collaborative atmosphere and shared goals fostered a sense of unity and purpose, propelling the network towards greater achievements.


Looking Ahead

As Diesis Network continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of the social economy, the outcomes of this General Meeting are set to play a crucial role. The new action plan and the insights gained from assessing the network’s impact will guide future initiatives, ensuring that the network remains at the forefront of social innovation and support.

With a strong foundation built on collaboration, inclusivity, and a shared vision for a better future, Diesis Network is well-positioned to continue making significant strides in the social economy sector, both in Europe and globally.