Association for Democratic Prosperity (ADP – Zid) is a nongovernmental organisation founded 1996 in Podgorica, Montenegro. They promote and strengthen personal responsibility and active participation of young people, organisations and other stakeholders in society through development and implementation of policies for socially responsible programs and services. In this way they contribute to the development and reconstruction of social capital in the community and improving the life quality of citizens and those who are at risk of social exclusion.

Today ADP – Zid work on different types of projects and activities within the frame of the following programs:

  • Advocacy and social policy
  • Positive social change in the community
  • Initiatives by the citizens and youth in the community
  • The psychosocial programs

Main Objectives:

  • The contribution to the realisation of rights and the creation of equal opportunities of citizens through development and advocacy of social policies that affect the economic, cultural, political and spatial inclusion.
  • The achievement of positive social change through volunteerism and development of sustainable service in the community.
  • Encouraging young people and citizens to participate and implement initiatives that contribute to the development of civil society and improve their position in the community.
  • Creating equal opportunities for youth and other groups at risk of exclusion through psychosocial services and support programs in addressing the problems of life and mental health care.

ADP-Zid is coordinator of YouSEE Platform for Social innovation in Western Balkan Countries. The main objective of this action is to encourage the civil society organisations to strengthen the regional cooperation and political participation for advocating effective reforms in employment policies which articulates interests of youth groups at risk of marginalisation.

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