Community impact accelerator – ZID (ADP – Zid) is a nongovernmental organization founded 1996 in Podgorica, Montenegro. They promote and strengthen personal responsibility and active participation of young people, organizations and other stakeholders in society through development and implementation of policies for socially responsible programs and services. In this way they contribute to the development and reconstruction of social capital in the community and improving the life quality of citizens and those who are at risk of social exclusion.

Today, ADP – Zid is working on different projects and activities within the following program departments:

  1. Department for the Development of Solidarity Economy and Entrepreneurship.

Main task of this program is creation of responses to the socio-economic needs of the community. It provides support in the process of ideation and development of prototypes to interested parties and works on creating its own solutions.

  1. Centre for Technology Transfer and Innovation Development.

A business-technology incubator that provides support with human resources and infrastructure for encouraging ideation, development, and testing of solutions, products, and innovations.

  1. Resource Center for Active Participation.

The Resource Center encourages the activity of individuals in the development of the community and in the processes of transformation of public policies.

ADP Zid gives active focus in promotion of social innovations and development of solutions that are based on capitalization of community potentials, which often can have form of social entrepreneurship, but as well intertwining with creative industries, circular economy, and development of social services.

The ADP-Zid serves as a Contact Point for both the Erasmus+ Youth Programs and the European Solidarity Corps Program. From end of 2023 ADP Zid started to be contact point in Montenegro for the EASI strand within the European Social Fund +, which deals with evidence-based policy-making and social experimentation, support to job mobility and the non-financial instrument activities.

Serdara Jola Piletica 12
81000, Podgorica, Montenegro
Tel.: +382 20 207 130