ADV Romania is a non-governmental organization and a work integration social enterprise, established in February 2002, whose mission is to integrate people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. The foundation is also one of the few grassroots organizations involved in advocacy to create a framework favouring the social economy in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

ADV Romania is one of the largest social enterprises in Romania, built around the one-stop-shop principle, according to which a disadvantaged individual or someone having lived in a placement centre can access a package of services addressing several issues: social and psychological services, educational services, professional orientation, qualification, employment and assistance at the workplace.

ADV Romania established in time three social businesses – UtilDecoWise Traveland JobDirect, being declared the 2016 Social Entrepreneur of the Year within the international competition EY Entrepreneur Of the Year.


  1. To ensure the social and professional integration of disabled youths, especially from at-risk groups.
  2. To develop a one–stop–shop model of work integration for people with disabilities and groups at risk.
  3. Advocate for better policies in the social economy and work integration of people with disabilities and from vulnerable groups.
  4. To provide education and resources to boost the impact of social entrepreneurship in Romania and the Eastern Partnership Countries.
  5. To provide data and research in the field of social economy.



  1. Work integration of persons with disabilities and from vulnerable groups at UtilDeco WISE and through JobDirect – a job placement and assistance agency for people with disabilities.
  2. Advocacy and policy making. In 2015 ADV Romania contributed to the passing of the Law on Social Economy in Romania. Furthermore, the organization modified the law promoting the rights of people with disabilities by introducing the definition of a protected workplace. In 2022 ADV Romania has advanced a legislative amendment to introduce quotas to increase the use of public social procurement in Romania.
  3. Training and education in the field of social economy. The organization has authorized seven types of training in social economy and social and professional integration of people from groups at risk.
  4. Enabling resources for social entrepreneurs in Romania and the Eastern Partnership Countries. The organization is constantly organizing study visits, webinars, and conferences in the social economy.
  5. Mapping the field of social economy. The Barometer of Social Economy in Romania and the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory in Moldova provide up-to-date information regarding the impact, the dimensions, challenges and opportunities in the social economy sector.

ADV Romania

Miroslava, jud. Iasi, Romania