ALDA is a membership based organisation established in 1999 at the initiative of the Council of Europe to coordinate and support the network of Local Democracy Agencies, which are self-sustainable, locally registered NGOs acting as promoters of good governance, local self-government and in particular focuses on activities that facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society. ALDA gathers more than 250 members (including local authorities, associations of local authorities, and civil society organisations) coming from more than 40 countries.

ALDA focuses on various themes, such as European integration, decentralisation, civic initiatives and volunteering, human rights and sustainable economic development and conducts its activities through different forms of action:

• Coordinating and supporting the 13 Local Democracy Agencies and 3 Operational Partners in their activities.

• Conducting its own projects in the field of good governance and citizen participation at the local level.

• Supporting other local stakeholders’ initiatives – like Local Authorities – by providing expertise gained through ALDA’s knowledge and experience in the regions where ALDA and the Local Democracy Agencies are working.

Office Strasbourg
Council of Europe 1, avenue de l’Europe F-67075
Strasbourg France