North Macedonia


ARNO is an organization for Social Innovation established in the Macedonian civil landscape in 2013. The organization started by providing solutions to large global challenges with small, local actions. During the years, ARNO became recognized as a ground-breaking leader in the field of social entrepreneurship, currently acting as a local incubator for social enterprises. As a result the successful management of the “Green Ideas Competition”, ARNO is also acknowledged as a national resource for awareness and inspiration in the field of Green Entrepreneurship.



ARNO aims to develop and support social innovation through the design of new options and diverse social initiatives, which are created by active, independent citizens that act jointly and contribute towards community development and positive changes. ARNO’s vision is to shape the future by sharing our resources and discovering new approaches.



With an emphasis on using social innovation, ARNO’s work is structured around 4 main program areas:

  • Social Innovation Program
  • Sustainable Development Program
  • Philanthropy Program
  • Youth Program

The activities are focused on building of skills, resources and relationships, and support to social and green entreprenurship as the path towards building stronger impact in our community.



Boulevard VMRO 1/2-7,1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

Tel.: +389 77 855 832