Cluster for Eco-Social lnnovation and Development CEDRA Split and CEDRA Split are a quintuple helix hybrid cluster from Croatia, involving private and civic organizations, individuals and public sector representatives interested to work on agile, integrative and regenerative development of people, organizations, communities and eco-systems.

Cluster has been led and supported by the impact enterprise Eupolis Group Ltd (founded in 2000) and its cluster leader and founder, serial eco-social entrepreneur, social innovator and advisor Ranko Milic who has more than 25 years of experience in social activism, creation of social impact, eco-social enterprising, innovative value based education, youth work, sustainable and inclusive development and social innovation. Some of these initiatives and projects were awarded with local, regional and international awards and are recognized as EU best practices. Cluster was formally founded in 2012 (CSO) and 2015 (Ltd) as a part of series of the coordinated efforts at the local, regional, national and international level to create models, structures, projects and programmes that will support an idea of an innovative mesoeconomic plexus focused on value based, eco-social economy and innovation, circular economy, and recently regenerative economy and regenerative tourism.

The main focuses of the cluster are:

  1. Transformative education and HRD;
  2. Eco-social
    economy and impact venturing;
  3. Regenerative development of communities and social

The cluster is a technical secretariat of the Local Partnership for Employment of the Split Dalmatia County (together with the RERA SDZ Public Regional Development Agency of the Split Dalmatia County) and education centre of the University of Split. CEDRA Split Ltd is an entrepreneurial support institution and represents an eco-system for eco-social and impact economy support, including a start-up incubator. lt also manages AmoSfera coworking space. The cluster participated in building the Croatian social economy eco-system including National Strategy for Social Entrepreneurship led by Ministry of Labour and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia.

The cluster has ca. 20 employees and more than 40 members and network of 50+ collaborating organizations, bodies and experts. lt participates in local, regional, national and international projects and programmes. lt also develops and supports several radical innovation projects creating gamified collaborative DL platforms for eco-social and regenerative economy, transformative learning and regenerative tourism.

R. Boskoviéa 20, Split, Croatia
Tel: +385 21 566 864