Gruppo cooperativo Gino Mattarelli



Born in 1997, Gruppo Cooperativo CGM represents nowadays one of the greatest Italian networks of social cooperatives. Its aim is to promote communities welfare by projecting and promoting quality services at an affordable price. CGM represents a national network whose membership is composed of 65 consortia and 766 no profit and social cooperatives. CGM’s network provides social, sanitary and work integration services. CGM has focused on enterprise-oriented aspects, by encouraging entrepreneurial skills to spread within its network and by working at a national level, as general contractor and promoter of territorial development activities by means of specific project. 

Main activities:

  • Supporting the development of third sector associations and cooperatives towards social enterprise as promoter of social solidarity.
  • To encourage and support organised forms of associations stemming from citizens’ initiatives.
  • To run and manage projects to develop and innovate the national and European social economy.


Via Ermanno Barigozzi, 24 – 20138 Milano
Tel: 02-36579650