The Spanish Confederation of Workers’ Co-operatives COCETA was established in 1986 in order to raise awareness on workers’ cooperatives and to promote their growth and development.

COCETA aims at representing and defending members’ interest in the political, social and economic area.

COCETA coordinates entrepreneurial policy actions at national level, facilitating cooperation between cooperatives (inter-cooperation) in order to foster their development. It is composed by more than 17.700 workers’ cooperatives employing approximately 315.000 workers.


  • To strengthen institutional external relations and contacts with other national cooperative and social economy organisations in order to agree on common actions to develop the sector;
  • To promote collaboration agreements and protocols with universities on training for cooperatives;
  • From an entrepreneurial point of view, the objective is to increase the use of management methodologies helping cooperatives’ performances and competitiveness and to draft a sectoral development plan.


c/ Virgen de los Peligros, 3, planta 4
28013 – Madrid – ESPAÑA
Tel: +34 914469750