Consorzio Ruini is a National Consortium in the fields of education, new technologies and working services. Its commitment is the creation of new partnerships among A.G.C.I. members as well as new relationships with other organisations and institutions (for example the Italian Ministry of Youth Affairs, University La Sapienza, University of Rome, ACLI…). Through its participation in Diesis, the Consortium aims to strengthen its role at European level and increase its visibility.

Main activities:

  • Representation and coordination of the members;
  • Creating new partnerships among A.G.C.I. cooperatives;
  • Supporting A.G.C.I. members;
  • Contributing to the renovation of the Italian educational policies;
  • Creating new job opportunities;
  • Promotion of the cooperative culture.

Consorzio Ruini Impresa Sociale (C.R.I.S.)Via Nazionale n. 24300185 Roma Italy

Tel: +39 06-58327214
E-mail: consorziomeuccioruini@agci.itWebsite: