Coompanion is a federation of 25 regional organisations, operating under the Coompanion brand. Coompanion has during the last 30 years acted as a key agent in the development of cooperatives and social enterprises in Sweden. Altogether Coompanion has more than 1000 members at a regional level. Its members consists of cooperatives and other social economy actors, as well as local and regional authorities. The 100+ employees, with a high expertise in social entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainable regional development, are Coompanion’s main resource to reach the organisation’s goals – including a more inclusive and democratic Sweden.

Coompanion’s main services and activities are:

  • Business consultancy and coaching to entrepreneurs who are starting a cooperative or social enterprise. This service is financed in part by the Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth and is thus offered free of charge. We also provide business support to existing cooperatives and social enterprises in a number of different ways.
  • Advocacy on local, regional and national level. Coompanion takes initiatives that develop the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship. We always try to influence public policies so that they support social innovation from a bottom-up perspective.
  • Promotion activities to inspire social
  • Projects which are developing solutions to societal challenges. Through partnerships with entrepreneurs, civil society and public administrations we continuously build out projects introducing new cooperative business models.


Coompanion Sverige, Skånegatan 61, 116 37 Stockholm, Sweden