Scuola Nazionale Servizi is a Foundation that supports public and private administration and facility management companies. It set up in 2011 that aggregates 65 entities: 50 enterprises, 14 Entrepreneurial National Associations, 1 citizens national association, skilled professionals and researchers for the purpose of the promotion and diffusion of applied research and innovation mainly in the Facility Management sector. Furthermore, SNS Foundation is a VET provider and counts among its members several regional VET providers, delivering their experience in ECVET systems. SNS is also linked with several Public Administrations for the development, negotiation and introduction of professional profiles and competences into regional classification.



  • Research and innovation;
  • Management consulting,
  • Teaching and training;
  • Developing of studies and publications.

Fondazione Scuola Nazionale Servizi
Strada Santa Lucia n. 8
06125 Perugia, Italy.

Tel: +39 075 5845139