Innova eG is a German cooperative whose mission is to deliver training and advice for new co-operatives. Since August 2006, the reform of the co-operative law in Germany has introduced the possibility to set up cooperatives also for the promotion of the social and cultural interest of its members. Through this reform it has become possible to increase the number and activities of co-operatives in this field. Moreover, through the reform it has become easier to establish small sized co-operatives.

Main activities:

  • Organisation of training courses for co-operative development workers ;
  • Replication systems for new co-operatives;
  • Central development agency in Germany for self help, social and cultural co-operatives;
  • Research and promotion work on co-operative issues;
  • Transnational work in the field of Social Economy.

Breitenfelder Str. 12
04155 Leipzig, Germany
Tel: +49 231 162041