Institute for Economic Democracy is a non-profit organization working on employee ownership, economic democracy, workers buyout and workplace participation, currently active in Slovenia and the SEE region.

IED is working with companies to establish employee ownership schemes. IED models are motivational structures and tools for ownership succession for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises.

Main activities:

IED activities include scientific research and preparation of policy proposals in the field of economic democracy, employee ownership, organizational theory, and participatory leadership.

Currently IED is preparing legislative proposals that would establish and incentivize different models of employee ownership and workplace participation in Slovenia. If successful IED focus will broaden towards South east Europe and countries of ex-Yugoslavia.

IED is also facilitating training and educational programs for different stakeholders and for companies. With a help of external expert, IED educate on the subject of ownership culture, financial literacy, and participatory leadership.

Institute for Economic Democracy
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