The Irish Social Enterprise Network (ISEN) is a representative membership organisation that is the national organisation voice of social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in Ireland. It is the only network specific to representing social enterprises in all parts of Ireland.

ISEN is a young organisation that wants to be an indispensable resource to everyone in Ireland that’s interested in social enterprise, whether they’re studying in the area, or thinking about setting up a social enterprise or if they’re already managing or working in a social enterprise. ISEN is working to make the social enterprise sector more visible than it currently is.

Main goals:

  • Give voice to social enterprises for the work that they do and the issues and challenges that they face
  • Increase awareness raising through promotion and education of the social enterprise sector and model as a means of addressing social needs and inequalities including the rehabilitation of communities across Ireland
  • Learn from best international practice to develop effective models of social enterprise in Ireland
  • Be the authoritative source of essential knowledge in Ireland for managing, developing and supporting social enterprise growth
  • To collaborate and partner with enterprise and local agencies to provide a fuller range of supports and services to their social enterprise clients, including good governance, financial sustainability and delivering and monitoring social impact.

Main activities and services

  • Events – where social enterprises can meet each other and share knowledge and ideas.
  • Training – to share information on training and education opportunities from a range of sources.
  • Promotion – to provide a space where social enterprises can tell their stories and highlight their successes.
  • Discussion – to encourage debate on issues of relevance to social enterprises. ISEN features blog posts from and about people in the social enterprise sector who want their voices heard and stories told.

Irish Social Enterprise Network
D09W6Y4, Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353872700369