Associazione Nazionale Cooperative Sociali



LEGACOOP SOCIALI (National association of social co-operatives), founded in September 2005, it is the national association that organizes and represents the social cooperatives and social enterprises in Legacoop Network; supports and promotes the development of the affiliated as well as social entrepreneurship at the national and European level.

3.000+ social cooperatives employing more than 150.000 people are associated:

  • 1800 in the field of social and health-care and education services;
  • 1100 in the work integration of disadvantaged people;
  • 100 consortia and services for networking and scaling up.

These social cooperatives / social enterprises carry out activities addressing the elderly, children, people experiencing difficulties (prisoners, former prisoners, former drug addicts, immigrants, youth at risk, etc.), physical and mental disabilities affected by means of intervention and prevention services, care assistance, rehabilitation but also with productive activities aimed at providing employment.


  • The activities carried out include home care and social health and educational activities and rehabilitation, the cultural and social animation, management of nurseries and childcare services, the management of community housing and group homes.
  • The work also includes the management of centers and homes day and night, information desks and guidance, training and mentoring for the employment of disadvantaged people.
  • Legacoop Sociali is also committed, through the relevant instruments and consortia in the promotion, training and research in the field of social policies and active labour market.

Legacoop Sociali
Via Guattani 9,
00161, Roma, Italy.
TEL: +39 06 84439322