MCE Conseils is an NPO of economics and management consultants located in Longueuil (Québec, Canada), dedicated to jobs creation and preservation (MCE means Maintien et Création d’Emplois).  It was founded in 1987 by the initiative of a trade union confederation. We form a multidisciplinary group serving organizations to improve their overall performance. Beyond our varied technical expertise, we have a concrete approach to project analysis with a global vision supported by our accountants, our economists and our strategic managers.

MCE Conseils has highly competent team of resources to intervene with organizations or carry out economic studies, strategic positioning analysis or any other type of analysis to support organisations at different stages of their development.  We also produce advice, proposals and strategies to municipal and higher level public agencies and ministries on specific projects, sectorial analysis and strategic orientations on topics as territorial development and financial and technical support ecosystems for social economy and cooperatives.  MCE Conseils works to develop organizations who uphold social, cultural and environmental values and put their activities to the service of collective missions and goals.  Our expertise is dedicated to the coherence of strategies with social missions and the effectiveness of the actions taken.  MCE Conseils takes charge of some 250 assignments per year and is 100% self financed by its consultancy fees.

We specialize in supporting cooperatives and other non-profit organizations, which is the origin of our foundation in 1987. Through our action, we have directly supported the creation of several dozens of these SSEEs, offering work to 4 000 people.  Furthermore, we support operating SSEEs in defining their strategic planning or by carrying out market studies, organizational diagnosis, business plans, business positioning analysis, work reorganization, in addition to offering support in finding and negotiating funding.  We are partners of all financial actors of social economy in Québec as well as recognised by the Ministry of Economy and innovations as one of the main social economy expertise.


MCE Conseils

Longueuil, Québec (Canada)