The NGO France-Africa Partnership for Co-development (PFAC) is committed to supporting grassroots communities through raising awareness of the concept of the social and solidarity economy (ESS) and its structuring with a view to pooling the skills of a territory (municipality) for local, sustainable, inclusive and diverse development through local wealth converted into IGA (income-generating activities. At the national level, practical training is carried out regularly on the themes of the SSE and its follow-up support and operationalization. Collaborations are made at various levels, the objective being to facilitate the empowerment of the actors involved in these local SSE networks. It should be noted that a RELESS (local network of social and solidarity economy) is a grouping of all the collective enterprises (cooperatives) of a municipality, in a powerful inclusive network. This network allows a grouping in sector and to facilitate the accompaniment and the economic reinforcement of each one.


Promote the social and solidarity economy based on the revitalization of human capital within communities through support for the establishment of inclusive economic dynamics and the development of collective, cooperative, local and sustainable entrepreneurship. propose an economic model at the doorstep of grassroots actors through the strengthening of their activities in order to make them decent and formal Develop a replicable SSE structuring model in several African countries for strong networking from the territories.


  • Advocacy: to decision makers, governments and international institutions
  • Sensitization : about SSE, cooperatives, enterpreneurship, networking
  • Training: trainers, leaders, actors, mayors and others for capacity building
  • Communication : trough events and all other channels, in the communities with the possible means to convey messages
  • Support for consolidation: networking of structures set up locally


Partenariat France & Afrique pour le co-développement (PFAC)

Yaoundé, Cameroon