PRIZMA Foundation is public-equivalent body serving the general interest by improving employment possibilities, matching supply and demand on the local/regional labour market and creating opportunities for companies and organisations to discover and build on the employment and career potential of individuals and to contribute to the development of society through socially innovative approaches. Key competences and experience are related to human resource development, with a focus on developing lifelong career orientation and competences for different target groups according to the needs of the labour market and enterprises, and supporting the social economy and social innovation entrepreneurs.

In this framework, PRIZMA Foundation promotes the creation and preservation of sustainable jobs, including the creation of a more supportive environment for employment, business (in particular social enterprises), social innovation (sustainability) and social inclusion. For the last few years, PRIZMA Foundation has been leading and coordinating the activities of the SE support ecosystem in the Podravje region of Slovenia.

Main activities:

Career and competence development

Providing quality lifelong career orientation for youth and adults in the region of Podravje and beyond.

Human resources development

Empowering companies/organisations to implement new approaches to HRD, promoting participation in lifelong learning and contributing to the development of competences for green and digital transitions, for older workers, lower-educated workers, migrants and jobseekers.

Social entrepreneurship and social innovation

Coordinating Social Economy support ecosystem of Podravje region in Slovenia that with it’s programme activate the potentials, raise awareness and build competencies of stakeholders and professional public to support and develop the social economy sector, identify opportunities & support social innovations, social entrepreneurial ideas and ventures, build (social) entrepreneurial communities and competencies for startup and growth of the SE sector.

PRIZMA Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities
Tkalski prehod 4, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
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