PULSE is an association founded in 2006 whose mission is to support and promote entrepreneurship as a lever for inclusive and sustainable development.

Their mission is to make impact entrepreneurship accessible to everyone. To achieve this, they are active in over 18 countries and operate 4 incubators (Jógjëf in Senegal, Lab’ess in Tunisia, Oribi in South Africa and PULSE Montreuil in France) and an association in the Balkans (PULSE Balkans, based in Belgrade). On average, they implement 28 incubation programs, reaching over 700 project leaders (60% of whom are women). Every year, they raise awareness of impact entrepreneurship among more than 17,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and help build the capacity of over 30 civil society organizations.

In France and abroad, PULSE is developing awareness-raising initiatives, capacity-building for local stakeholders, and support and financing programs for impact entrepreneurs:

  • PULSE supports impact entrepreneurs through thematic incubation programs or programs dedicated to a specific type of beneficiary;
  • PULSE also strengthens local stakeholders (civil society organisations, support structures, etc.) in France and abroad to help build an ecosystem more favorable to impact entrepreneurship;
  • PULSE innovates in the service of impact entrepreneurship through multi-country projects in which we create educational tools for our target groups (mostly Youth and Women).


PULSE Headquarters, 15 rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris
E-mail: contact@pulse-group.org
Website: https://www.pulse-group.org/