April of 2022 witnessed the official launch of the Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association (SAWA) which is known as the Jordanian “Network of Social Entrepreneurs in Jordan (SAWA)”. This was achieved through their team’s consistent efforts since 2018, which were focused on supporting the social economy sector in Jordan, as it represents a development lever that aims to enable social pioneers to develop and the sustainability of their projects aimed at enhancing their economic, social.


    • Education: Helping enhancing quality and access, thus increasing employability.
    • Healthcare : Driving penetration of healthcare technologies to Base of Pyramid
    • Livelihoods : Helping improve livelihoods by skill development.
    • Agriculture: Making agriculture attractive for the next generation.
    • Financial Inclusion: Helping drive financial literacy and inclusion.


  • Consulting and Support services for Local Government, Public and Private sector, related to Social Economic , Strategic Planning.
  • Training and capacity activities, focusing on Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Development of social cooperative structures, skills and capacities using the European experience, expertise, innovation and research.
  • Enhance the dialog among basic social partners, research centers, local communities for the development of the social, solidary and cooperative economy.


Sawa Network

Amman Jordan. Shmeesani\ Beirooni st. 5.


Facebook page.