Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland (SERI) is a representative body for social enterprises established in 2020. SERI’s mission is to champion for the sector, and their members, representing and promoting their collective voice nationally and internationally.

SERI’s strategy focuses on four pillars:

  • Representation: to advocate for equality of supports by the State and represent the sector both nationally and internationally.
  • Awareness: to increase awareness and understanding of social enterprise and to demonstration the value to Ireland’s economy and society.
  • Support: to share and signpost information important to social enterprises. SERI also guides social enterprises based on their needs and identify and seek to close gaps in support structures. They also build connections and facilitate networks within and outside the sector.
  • Relationships: they work with local and national Governments to implement the policy. They also engage with the E.U., OECD, SE World Forum and other relevant international bodies and develop partnerships with the private sector.

Moreover, they work closely with Social Enterprise Northern Ireland, UK, Scotland and Wales, and are Irelands Partner for The Social Enterprise World Forum.

C/O Grouplink, Oak Villa, Military Road, Waterford, X91 KW2V, Ireland
Tel: 051 585022