The Lebanese Social Enterprise Association (LSE) is a registered Lebanese Association and its mission is to support the affiliated social enterprises by contributing to their administrative and financial development and to increase their social and environmental impact by all possible means.

 LSE Activities

  • Ensuring the status of “Social Enterprise” to the members of the association, allowing them to benefit from its services and support.
  • Establishing laws and regulations to control the sector of social entrepreneurship in Lebanon.
  • Facilitating the access to financial resources and to investors (investors can be persons or institutions).
  • Supporting the affiliated institutions in accessing domestic and global markets, in establishing partnerships with international organizations.
  • Enabling all members of society to contribute to economic growth and impact the environmental and social development in Lebanon, by creating new social enterprises.
  • Networking for SEs and coordination with SE Ecosystem: Networking activities connecting social enterprises to potential local and international opportunities, whether potential funders, investors and other stakeholders of their products and services.
  • Social Procurement Campaign for SEs: Gathering products and services of SEs in one portfolio and promoting it in local and international networks to connect SEs with potential customers and partners.
  • Building capacities of SEs: Trainings with experts in scaling, marketing, social entrepreneurship, governance… To support SEs scale their activities and impact. • Common shared services: that benefit all SEs such as shared marketing services, insurance, export consolidation…
  • Awareness sessions to become SEs: These sessions target traditional SEs and regular for-profit companies to encourage them to have a social enterprise business model.
  • Managing LSE operations and communication: the operations of LSE on the different levels such as advocacy, partnerships evaluation committee and research levels, in addition to social media marketing and SE newsletter.


Lebanese Social Enterprises Association (LSE)

Address: Lebanon, Beirut, Sin El fil Jesr El Basha, John kenedi Street, Arcenciel-building


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Tel: 0096171 499 732

Email: team@lseassociation.org