The West Pomeranian Network of Social Economy Support Centres (SZOWES) is a network partnership of social economy entities concluded in 2015 to combine know-how and resources to provide uniform, standardized and comprehensive development services throughout the region. SZOWES is actively involved in the direction of cross-sectoral dialogue and programming of systemic solutions supporting the functioning of the social economy sector. In the region SZOWES supports and constantly cooperates with around 600 social economy entities and nearly 2300 of their representatives, employees and volunteers interested in operating in the social economy sector. On a daily basis, SZOWES stimulates the activity of the social economy sector at the local level and initiating activities aimed at professional and social activation of people at risk of social exclusion (especially disabled).



  1. Strengthening of regional social economy sector by implementation of complex financial and substantive support directed to social enterprises.
  2. Building a platform for cooperation between the social economy sector, business and local government and fostering these actors to developing a proximity economy model on a local level.
  3. Develop the capacity of the social economy in key areas consistent with global challenges, i.e. green and digital transformation.
  4. Representing and strengthening the voice of the social economy sector through membership in networks, clusters and participation in advisory, opinion and advocacy initiatives.
  5. Development of international cooperation and activity aimed at ensuring the fullest possible representation of the Polish social economy sector in the EU and developing cooperation between Polish social enterprises and partners from the EU.



  1. Comprehensive development services (specialist / vocational training, consulting, incubation services, marketing services, study visits, financial intervention activities, social coworking, sharing space and equipment, innovative educational products and services) specialized in the social economy sector. Provision of diversified business services aimed at improving the economic situation, increasing the potential and competitiveness of the market offer and developing employment.
  2. Financial (subsidies) and micro-financial support for the social economy entities and financial intermediation in the area of returnable instruments.
  3. Innovative social services (inc. care services (RegioSTARS 2019) connected to digital transformation).
  4. Consultancy in the areas of inclusive HR and accessibility (including job placement and consultancy in the employment of disabled people, profiling social economy services in term of people with special needs.
  5. Integration and employment services addressed to third-country nationals, especially refugees from Ukraine

The West Pomeranian Network of Social Economy Support Centres

Koszalin, Szczecin – Poland

E-mail: szowes@karrsa.pl

Website: www.szowes.pl