Torino Social Impact (TSI) is an open platform gathering over 280 companies, public entities, philanthropic institutions, financial operators, universities, charities and third sector enterprises aimed at fostering the local ecosystem of the social economy and impact finance. They joined the project by subscribing a MoU aimed at sharing ideas, experiences, projects, and resources to catalyse and attract investments and activities which aspire to promote social cohesion through economically sustainable business models.

Torino Social Impact is a territorial alliance aimed at making Torino one of the best places in the world to do business and finance pursuing goals of economic viability along with objectives of social impact. The two main objectives are therefore fostering the local ecosystem and promoting it at the international level.

Torino Social Impact put in place many activities of stakeholder engagement and peer learning as well as common infrastructures and pilot projects such as:

  • the Competence Center for Impact Assessment,
  • the Social Impact Stock Exchange initiative,
  • the Outcome Fund project,
  • the programs for data for impact,
  • tech for good,
  • social procurement.

Torino Social Impact (TSI)

Via Carlo Alberto, 16, Torino