Youth Included, a youth non-profit organisation based in Prague. Youth Included was founded in 2012 with the aim of creating an open space for creative, sincere and active young people who want to conduct nonviolent change in their neighbourhoods and society.

Youth Included aims to promote and educate young people by giving them the opportunity to develop and organize projects of their dreams, connecting them with local and international community, enabling valuable volunteer experience in order to get new skills, try something new, give back to society we live in.

Youth Included works with young people (16 to 35 years), since we believe that youth is key to building future generations. This organisation tries to provide them with tools for education, raising awareness about the dangers of xenophobia and discrimination and to show them the diversity of the world to which they have a positive impact of intercultural co-existence.

Main Activities

  • Community initiatives, organized in different neighborhoods in Prague (collaborative cooking, creative workshops, dancing, theatre, etc.)
  • Festival management (voluteer management, event management)
  • European and international projects related to community development, peace promotion, youth empowerment
  • Local, European and international seminars, roundtables, conferences related to migration, human rights, non-formal education, intercultural co-existence
  • Support of interdisciplinary and non-formal education
  • Participation on European and international projects
  • Peer-to-peer education, support of youth in developing and organizing their own projects


Youth Included
Skrabkovych 777/4, Letnany
19900, Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 734 490 825