We are pleased to be recognized with the LLLPlatform Open Badge for our participation in the LLLPlatform as a member organization.

The Lifelong Learning Platform encourages the continuous attainment of professional development goals by issuing open badges, by this facilitating the recognition of a variety of skills and competences of their community’s most involved members, demonstrated at their events and professional activities.


LLLPlatform is an umbrella that gathers 42 European organizations active in the field of education, training, and youth, coming from all over Europe and beyond. Currently, these networks represent more than 50 000 educational institutions and associations covering all sectors of formal, non-formal, and informal learning. Their members reach out to several millions of beneficiaries.

Diesis Network became a member and part of the community of the Lifelong Learning Platform in September 2021.

Find more information about LLLP’s aims and work here: https://lllplatform.eu/