Today for International Women’s Day, we celebrate the contributions of women to the social economy and how much of a big role they play in all facets of our society!

Women are the key to unlocking the full potential of Social Economy Enterprises, enabling growth and resilience and making way for the social economy to become a model of women’s empowerment.

On this same day, we also join EIGE’s campaign #3stepsforward to advancing gender equality at organisational level and within the activities promoted and here are our number three.

  1. Growing and consolidating our existing alliances with other SEE actors on the global stage to foster the creation of gender safe workplaces.

With our past and current initiatives, CEASE, SET THE TONE, TEAMWORK2 and PROTECT projects we’ve been able to build capacity and forge partnerships for gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response, transform companies into leaders on this subject and encourage behavioural change within different sectors.

  1. Setting positive examples wherever we can 

Over the last few years, our actions on gender equality and women empowerment have strengthened our operation of services for an approach that reflects gender considerations. Most notably, the adoption of our Gender Equality Plan in 2022 and initiatives to promote equality and rights further reinforced the link between gender equality and the social economy. A specific objective of the Gender Equality Plan is to mainstream gender in the planning, development and evaluation of events organised by Diesis such as conferences, trainings, seminars and so on.

  1. Improving work-life balance of our staff

We have expanded our focus on workplace flexibility and aim to be innovative in how we overcome the barriers that gender-diverse individuals face. Through integration of gender into planning and strategy across the organisation and regular review of flexible work and other relevant policies we are progressively facilitating a flexible workplace which enables staff to balance work and life responsibilities.


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