Building capacities for innovation in the eco-social entrepreneurship education (2022-2025)

The main focus of the BC4ESE project is meeting the needs of organisations from the western Balkan region that are working with young people. Through BC4ESE project we aim to build capacities for the promotion of eco-social entrepreneurship (ESE) and the development of non-formal education tools and methodologies. This will engage young people to engage ESE through the development of their soft, entrepreneurial and digital skills thus enabling behavioural changes for individual preferences, cultural values and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles.

The project will produce four interwoven outputs:

  • E-book (Analysis),
  • Educational e-book (gamified ESE education),
  • Interactive web platform (Eco-SE-E-lab)
  • Online non-formal education training for youth practitioners.

Through implementing  activities and producing four outputs it is planned to involve 600 individuals (from public, private and civil sectors), 250 youth practitioners and in the end 60 young people for pilot testing.

This inter-sectoral eco-social development is supported by partners from Croatia (CEDRA), Bosnia & Hercegovina (CDP Globus & LDA Prozor Rama), Serbia (Centre for Vocational Education),  Montenegro (Association for Democratic Prosperity – ADP Zid), Belgium (Diesis) and Cyprus (The Hub Nicosia).

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