Cooperative business for social inclusion in rural areas (2021-2023)

The Coop4In project is a small-scale partnership, co-funded by the European Union, ending in June 2023. The general objective of the project is the creation of a cooperative business model in which the role of people with disabilities (PWDs) is pivotal. It also plans to elaborate policy recommendations aimed at promoting the importance of creating and supporting social enterprises and cooperatives in rural areas, as a means for sustainable local development thus also increasing the quality of services provided to PWDs. The role of PWDs will be at the core of the the COOP4IN model.


  • Business model for inclusion of PWDs with an active role in shaping social enterprises/cooperatives in rural areas;
  • Policy recommendations for promoting the participation of PWDs in social entrepreneurship as a means for employment and rural development.

Download the leaflet here.

Download the research report here.

Download the Business Model template here.

Download the Policy Recommendations here.