Digital Social Economy (2022-2024)

DSetools project aims at creating more learning opportunities and upskilling for workers of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the process of Digital transformation.

Through this initiative we strive to create and explore the interconnections between SSE and open interoperability standards and raise awareness about the positive social impact that they can have. The project will lead to the creation of a VET partnership between a European SSE network, and a transnational open-source community, together with their respective broader ecosystems. Among the projects’ activities are:

  • collecting best practices and consolidating them into a shared vision;
  • designing a handbook;
  • elaborating and promoting policy recommendations.

The end goal of the project is to share collective knowledge and visions enabling them to design innovative digital strategies based on open-source and interoperable solutions, participating to the development of a sustainable and inclusive digital economy.

The DSEtools is an Erasmus+ Small-scale Partnerships in vocational education and training in collaboration with Startin Blox.

Download the infocard HERE.


Download the Handbook EN HERE. / Handbook FR HERE.

Download the Repository of Good Practices HERE.

Download the report What do we know about data spaces and social economy umbrella organizations?” HERE.

Download the Policy Recommendations HERE.